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SoloRock Tricycle Handle Post Aluminum Folder

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Product: SoloRock Tricycle Handle Post Aluminum Folder

Application: SoloRock Tricycle Models Agile206, Agile206-Fold, Agile246, Agile 246-Fold, Ugile246, Ugile266

Developed to replace the regular SoloRock Tricycle handle post, so that the handle post of SoloRock Tricycle can be folded down to enable easier access of SoloRock Tricycle into regular mini vans

Light Weight but Strong, Easy to install - only a 6 mm Allen Key is required

25.4 mm Handlebar Neck Diameter, 22.2 mm insertion diameter to steerer tube

Quick release clamp for height adjustment up to 2.75" or 7 cm

Quick release clamp for handle-bar adjustment to any preferred angle

The desired distance between the seat post and the curved handle can be set up with the combined adjustments of the 2 above quick releases on the folding handle post

Product Weight: 0.8 kg

Package Weight: 1.2 kg

Package Dimension: 40 L x 12 D x 15 H

Color: Matt BK

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